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Loving yourself in the midst of parenting chaos

Loving yourself in the midst of parenting chaos

Life coach, Muara Makarim, is all about helping others create a happy, fulfilling life, through a positive self-love and self-care journey. But how can we achieve this as busy parents? Read on to learn more...

Being a parent is like riding an emotional roller coaster in a dark tunnel. Sometimes you feel good about everything, and suddenly BOOM your kid drives you crazy and you feel lost.

Especially for the default parent (the mom) is even harder for moms to just focus on her well being without having mom guilt. As moms, we tend to prioritise our kids and husbands' well-being, and making sure all the house chores are taken care of. It’s the mental load that drives us crazy to the point that we forget how important it is to prioritise our well being. If our cup is not full, then how can we pour water into others' cups?

This is where self-love takes an important role. The truth is, self-love is the oxygen mask on this wild ride, essential for everyone on board – moms included.

So, here are some simple steps to nurture the self love within you, so you can navigate life and parenting better:

Self appreciation, instead of guilt

spend five minutes a day every single day in the morning to write down five things you love about yourself. Appreciate your efforts, applaud your accomplishments, celebrate your small wins, give yourself compliments. You deserve to be acknowledged by yourself. Give yourself credit for every hurdle crossed.


Forget grand spa days. Find pockets of joy in everyday life. Savor a warm cup of tea/ hot chocolate while the kids play/ sleep, take a mindful five-minute walk (yes, even around the block!), or do a five-minute meditation every morning/ before you go to bed. These micro-moments of pleasure are self-love fuel.


You are not an octopus, mama. Ask for help. Involve your partner, kids (age-appropriately, of course!), and extend a hand to your support network (your parents/ in laws). It takes a village to raise a child. For real.


Go out with friends 1x a week. We are social beings. We need to connect with people to feel like we belong to a community. Create life outside motherhood so you don’t feel lost in your parenting journey. Community is a powerful tool for self-compassion and reminding ourselves that we're not alone in this wild ride.

Remember, self-love isn't selfish; it's the foundation for raising happy, healthy kids. When you take care of yourself, you show your children that they deserve the same.

So, dear exhausted parent, light that tiny spark of self-love. It might just be the brightest thing in your chaotic, beautiful world.


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