Milked and made in New Zealand, packaged and shipped in the United States

Our commitment

Our formulas are inspired by nature, adopting a simple less-is-more philosophy to ensure every baby receives the most wholesome goodness - as nature intended.

Our LittleOak promise

Compared to cow milk, goat milk has smaller, easier to digest fat globules. It is also lower in lactose making it more gentle on little tummies. Goat milk naturally contains only A2 casein protein, so it is less inflammatory than cow milk. Just as importantly goat milk is high in naturally occurring oligosaccharides and taurine, whereas cow milk has none. Goat milk also has better bioavailability of key nutrients including iron, calcium and magnesium.

We fell in love with fresh whole goat milk for all these reasons and more, and it’s why we heat our milk only once - halving the heating process - to ensure we
preserve all the natural goodness and essential vitamins. Read more on our From Fresh Process

Ingredients inspired by nature