Milked and made in New Zealand, packaged and shipped in the United States

Fresh whole goat milk toddler drink. Lovingly made in New Zealand.


Thoughtfully crafted to protect the natural goodness of goat milk

We believe that when nature gives you an amazing ingredient like goat milk, the less you do to it the better.


LittleOak’s From Fresh approach. A world first.

Our mission has always been to offer parents and children with products using only the most wholesome ingredients and nutritionally beneficial processes possible. This saw us develop our innovative From Fresh approach.

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Proudly milked and made in New Zealand

From our farm. To you.

Our world-first From Fresh process uses fresh whole goat milk directly from our New Zealand farms. Our milk is heated only once, halving the heating process to preserve the natural goodness and essential vitamins of goat milk.

We love our goats and care about their health and wellbeing – after all, they are part of our LittleOak family too. This is why we have fewer goats per hectare to ensure they have room to roam. Happy goats, fresh milk,
more natural goodness. From our farm to your family.

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Fresh whole milk, including natural milk fat

At LittleOak, we only use fresh whole goat milk to make our formulas. We never use skim milk. By using fresh whole goat milk, it means that 45% of a LittleOak formula is natural milk fats. Other goat formula brands using skim milk powder contain no natural milk fats at all. Whole milk means a whole lot of goodness for your little one.