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LittleChats: tummy troubles and gut-friendly nutrition

LittleChats: tummy troubles and gut-friendly nutrition

It’s time to have a little chat

When it comes to little ones, it can feel like you’re on a never-ending merry go round of sickness. So, we wanted to lend a helping hand with our first ever LittleOak LittleChats! We brought together leading experts in children’s health and wellness for an exclusive online seminar, answering all your burning questions about keeping your little ones happy and healthy. For our first session, we talked tummy troubles and gut-friendly nutrition.

Our expert guests

Emma Morris – Clinical nutritionist and co-founder, owner and director of Maia Mother’s Collective

"Nurturing wellness – nutritional strategies for raising healthy little ones"

Emma shared her expert advice on optimising nutrition for children’s development while fostering a healthy gut microbiome. What are the essential nutrients for children? How do you promote good gut health? When and how should you introduce solids? Find out all this and more...

Lisa Moane  Naturopath, feeding therapist and founder of The Paediatric Naturopath

"The naturopathic approach to children's health"

From addressing constipation to tackling food intolerances, Lisa shared expert insights for getting to the root cause of your child’s health issues and helping them thrive…naturally.

So, how do you combat fussy eating? What does your child’s poop colour mean? And what are signs of an unhealthy gut? Our experts answered...

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