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The low-tox lifestyle

The low-tox lifestyle

Us parents tend to worry a lot. From sleep to sunscreen to screen time, the list is endless as we try to raise well-adjusted humans. One of our biggest concerns is what our children eat. Wanting to limit their intake of things like processed foods, added sugar and preservatives is certainly not new. But trying to stay on top of it all can feel overwhelming. But does it need to be this way? And do we need to accept it or can we change it?

Nicky Skinner has a theory on that. Nicky is a mum of 2, Paediatric Registered Nurse and accredited Nutrition, Health and Lifestyle Coach. Her passion is educating people about the benefits of a low-tox lifestyle. So what does this look like and is it actually achievable for busy mums and dads? Join us as we get the low-down on the low-tox lifestyle.

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