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Ivah is Spilling the Tea on his LittleOak Journey

Ivah is Spilling the Tea on his LittleOak Journey

Looking back, not once did I imagine that our feeding journey for my son would be so difficult. We didn’t have latch issues, he fed perfectly but what happened after was the problem. After every feed we were faced with hours of vomiting caused from reflux. It was pretty much feeding, vomiting and then feeding again. It felt like we never got a rest from the clean ups. Night times would make me so nervous because safe sleep guidelines say to have your child sleep on their back. We had up to 10 layers of bassinet sheets on his bed every single night ready to strip them off one by one as he spilled onto them.

Going out in public seemed so difficult. I would walk through a shop with him and have to clean up three vomits. People would want to hold him, and I would have to tell them that he will more than likely vomit on you. They would say that’s ok and then I would watch them walk away with vomit on their clothes, knowing full well that it wasn’t ok. People who knew him and loved him would refuse to hold him until well after he had finished a feed. Swimming classes were embarrassing as it seemed as though we were all just swimming in Ivah vomit. It was an inconvenience to everyone, and I felt so sorry for my poor little boy, who just couldn’t keep it down.

One of my most ingrained memories was taking him to a baby sensory class. He consistently spilled during the lesson, and I had to always have a towel underneath him. No other baby in the room was like this. It really impacted on our enjoyment of the lesson because he couldn’t lay on all the sensory mats like the others. This is when I realised, I had to do something.

From birth Ivah suffered from reflux and even now, at 11 months old he still struggles to keep milk down. I was truly struggling with the relentless spilling and booked ourselves in to see a nutritionist. We spoke about Ivah’s reflux and how the constant vomiting after every feed was a challenge. She recommended trying LittleOak Toddler Milk. She had used it herself and had been recommending it to clients with similar issues. That same day we sent in our first order. When it arrived, we were so excited to try it out. Weaning him from his old milk to this one was a breeze. We noticed instant changes in many things including wind, but most importantly the spill up reduced significantly.

I continued using LittleOak for all of Ivah’s middle of the day feeds. He was in day care, and I was working full time. The thought of pumping during the day seemed impossible in my busy job as a teacher. I was so so frightened to pump at school with the fear that a student might accidently see. Knowing that Ivah could drink LittleOak Toddler Milk at day care made the transition easier. To be honest at this point I think I was in denial as he spilled up so much less on LittleOak then her did on my own breastmilk. I had even in the past tried cutting dairy out of my diet completely for two months and it made no difference at all.

It wasn’t until the past two months where my husband and I decided that maybe it is time for baby number two. We had been trying for a while and realised that maybe it wasn’t going to happen until I discontinued breastfeeding. I was so sad to say goodbye to this journey with Ivah. I very slowly weaned from the breast savouring every last feed I got to give him. To be honest what made it easier was watching him finish his LittleOak Toddler Milk and not vomit the entire feed back up. I say that it was easier, but the mum guilt really got me here. I know I am not alone, many women experience this burdening mum guilt when they stop feeding their little ones.

We now have distant memories of six outfit changes a day, for both Ivah and I, constant clean ups on the floor, and hand towels in every room to be washed every day. LittleOak to the rescue. Once we started on LittleOak, he vomits so much less. We no longer feel the stress of leaving the house in the fear of constant spills or the constant stream of washing that felt like it just never ended. The quality of this product is without a doubt incredible. We noticed right from the start the difference and couldn’t be happier. This was the only option for us, and we would never look elsewhere.

By Sammy Millach @raisingthe.future

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