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LittleOak's Halloween safety guide for your little pumpkin

LittleOak's Halloween safety guide for your little pumpkin

As we all enjoy some fun this Halloween, safety is always a top priority for us parents. Whether it's your little one’s first spooky season or your tween’s latest Halloween venture, check out our top safety tips below.

Costume safety

Visibility, especially during those twilight hours, is of the utmost importance. Consider buying brightly coloured costumes for your little one so they are easily spotted by cars and pedestrians. While we all love a good witch costume, dark colours tend to camouflage at nighttime, so it's best practice to find something that stands out. If you’re making your own costumes, you may even want to incorporate some reflective tape—or, even more fun, incorporate a glow stick into your child's costume. Any Harry Potter fans out there? Perhaps a glow stick wand?

While masks can really take a costume to the next level, they can significantly impair vision. Instead, try opting for face paints (after you’ve tested it for skin irritation, of course).


Whether it's yourself or someone you trust, it's important to always have a responsible adult accompany your little ones on their trek around the neighbourhood. While your kids may be familiar with the area, it's important to have a set safety route that is well-lit. Have older kids? Plan and agree on this route to ensure no surprise detours and ensure your children have a way to stay in contact.

As parents, we’re always talking about stranger danger—on nights like these, run the drill again. Make suae your children understand that they are not to enter strangers' homes or cars. While it's tricky (get it?) to convince your kids to wait until they’re home before enjoying their well-earned treats, make sure they hold off on new, unfamiliar goodies. You’ll want to double check the ingredients and ensure no unexpected allergic reactions occur. Always remember: unwrapped treats and homemade goodies are a no-go zone!

Baby’s first Halloween? We’ve got you

If your little one isn’t used to evening outings, your first time trick-or-treating may be an adjustment. Be sure that your child is well-rested and ready for a fun-filled night ahead. Pro tip from our team: bring the pram! Keeping things as familiar as possible is always good for new experiences. Bring along your little one’s favourite snacks and get them settled in their seat.

Remember that parenting is all about finding what works best for you and your little one. If it makes things easier, you can always start the festivities early! Head out for your stroll before the trick-or-treating kicks off and admire the Halloween decorations together.

From our team here at LittleOak, we wish you a spook-tacular Halloween.



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