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Celebrate Valentine's Day as a whole family

Celebrate Valentine's Day as a whole family

At LittleOak, we think Valentine’s Day is about so much more than romantic love; it’s about the love you share with your friends, your parents, your children, and all of your loved ones. Because roses and candle-lit dinners aside, this day is about appreciation. It’s about sharing love and feeling love. So, whether you’re prepping for date night, having a quiet night in with the little ones, or riding solo, we’ve pulled together some tips on celebrating this day as a whole family.

Snuggle up for a family movie night

Everyone loves a RomCom (or at least we do). Comment your best movie picks below - we’re always looking for recommendations.

Valentine’s Day dinner

Date night doesn’t have to be romantic. Use this opportunity to try a new restaurant with your little ones. Have fun and dress up – this is a day for everyone to feel special.

Make a kindness jar

Ever heard of a kindness jar? Valentine’s Day is a great way to kick off this tradition – and to remind your loved ones of all the little things that you adore. Simply grab some recycled jars (one for each family member) and set them up somewhere special. Whenever you want to share the appreciation, you can write a small note, fold it up and place it in the jar. At some point down the road, you can all sit down, open them up and read your special messages together. Try it out – we love this one.

Decorate together

If you love to decorate, this one's for you. Whether it's hanging up homemade art, bright balloons, or banners, we know our little ones love to get involved.

Have fun in the kitchen

Get your little ones in the kitchen! We have a great range of nutritious recipes available, so check out our recipes tab for some inspiration.

From the team at LittleOak, we wanted to share our love. Thank you for your support of our little company - you mean the world to us. Happy Valentine’s Day.


LittleOak has been nourishing children for many years and feeds millions of infants, babies and children across the globe each and every day, in countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. In the US, we're proud to have our FDA compliant Toddler Milk available for families.

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