Why LittleOak

Why LittleOak?

At LittleOak we believe nothing can prepare our children for the world like the world itself. Nature, after all, is our greatest provider. This is why we fell in love with the natural benefits of whole goat’s milk and use it to make our infant formulas and toddler milks. Rich in vitamins and minerals as well as naturally occurring prebiotics (oligosaccharides), goat’s milk is a natural and nutritious alternative to nourish little ones to grow big and strong. Just as nature intended.

Putting your mind at ease, naturally.

Big nutrition for little people

Goat’s Milk


We use whole goat’s milk for its natural goodness and because it’s gentle on tummies.


We ensure the ARA and DHA in our products are at levels scientifically proven to benefit the growth and development of babies and toddlers.

Natural Ingredients

We are 100% committed to natural ingredients and are uncompromising in our rejection of chemical processing and unnecessary synthetic ingredients.

Palm Oil Free

We are the first baby formula in the world to be certified palm oil free, and the first to replace canola oil with flaxseed oil.

GMO Free

We guarantee that every LittleOak product is entirely GMO free.

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