Why Goat's Milk

At LittleOak, we believe every child deserves the best start in life.

This is why we fell in love with the natural goodness of whole goat’s milk. Goat’s milk has naturally occurring A2 protein, which is more gentle on little tummies.

A2 Protein

A1 and A2 are the most common caseins found in milk. Goat’s milk naturally contains A2, which is gentler on tummies.

Sourced with Purpose. Naturally.

We are committed to source the best and most natural ingredients for our mums and bubs.

Lower Lactose, Easier to Digest

Goat’s milk has lower levels of lactose than cow’s milk. Lactose is the sugar found in milk which is digested by the enzyme lactase. Many children naturally do not have lactase or are deficient which means they may struggle to digest lactose, leading to trapped wind, bloating and constipation or diarrhea.

Naturally Occurring Prebiotics

Goat’s milk is high in prebiotic oligosaccharides, which are naturally-occurring carbohydrates that feed the good bacteria. Prebiotics promote good bacteria in the gut, which supports and maintains overall health.


Fresh, whole goat’s milk is wholesome and full of natural goodness including:

Vitamin B
Vitamin A

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