Our Process

We don’t mess with nature, because nature got it right.

This means never settling for the easy way to do things. Generally, the formula development process involves first heating the milk to create a powder, then turning it back into liquid, then heating it again, and finally blending it into formula. But we know that the more you heat any food, the more you deplete the nutrients.

So at LittleOak, we have halved the heating process with our new formulation. We start with delicious goat’s milk, fresh from our farm in New Zealand. When you have an amazing ingredient like this, the less you do to it the better.

So by reducing the number of times we heat it, we preserve the goodness, keeping it as close as possible to the way nature intended it. This simplified approach results in a formula that’s less processed, filled with more natural goodness for your little ones. When it comes to giving children the nourishment they need, it has always been our mission to find the most nutritionally beneficial process.

LittleOak’s fresh approach
We don’t mess with nature, because nature got it right.

Delicious fresh milk is delivered from our farms

Our fresh milk is blended and powdered, preserving the natural nutrients

Finished, packaged, and ready for your little one

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