About LittleOak

At LittleOak we believe…

That nothing can prepare our children for the world more than the world itself. Nature, after all, is our greatest provider. This is why we fell in love with the natural benefits of whole goat’s milk and why we use it in our range of infant formulas and toddler milks. We want to nourish our little ones to grow big and strong. Just as nature intended.

LittleOak’s fresh approach
We don’t mess with nature, because nature got it right.

Delicious fresh milk is delivered from our farms

Our fresh milk is blended and powdered, preserving the natural nutrients

Finished, packaged, and ready for your little one

Our commitment

We carefully select our ingredients for the highest quality and combine this with the latest scientific knowledge to create products we are proud of. We fell in love with whole goat’s milk for its natural goodness and use it to make our infant formula and toddler milks. LittleOak is incredibly proud to have the first Certified Palm Oil Free formula in the world.

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